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“Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you.”

Ephesians 4:32

Monday, March 10, 2014


 CALVIN GRADUATION '89..this is a blog dedicated to the graduating class as well as my friends, housemates, roommates, activities, et al from the "calvin years" (the first time around that is; later I returned to calvin for another two years and another bachelor's degree '92-94; and  a third time for a year at the seminary, '96-97). Unfortunately, i did not become an avid photo-taker until later in life...I don't have pics from freshman year in the dorms..or many other great calvin events and times and memories..this was before camera-phones..all these pics were on old-school film, and later I scanned them . This also does not include the "semeseter in Spain" or the "semester in Hawaii" et al.
 my cat up in the tree !

 our lowell street home in the winter
 i really liked, maybe even loved Barb, but our future plans didn't coincide at the time...she ended up going to costa rica..i ended up going to law school...ironically we briefly crossed paths a few years later when I just happened to end up in costa rica as well

 barb in a better mood cobmoosa

 my mom !

smile Barb ! ...
 Doug Kosters, RIP

calvin president, tony diekema, shakes my hand as I cross the podium

 kevin vredeveld's brother, brad, built this experimental airplane himself...took me for a flight..bumpy landing but we survived

 Timmerman(English professor) was the commencement speaker
 Kevin Vredeveld

 Calvin graduation 1989
 Rick Byle (with Ball) Doug Kosters (yellow shorts), me jumping...playing basketball at the Calvin apartments
 Steve Brinks & Doug KOsters (RIP)
 Why did BARB keep closing her eyes at my graduation ?

 MY LITTLE CAT I KEPT AS A PET for a year at our Kalamazoo street house

 at the house on Lowell Street: (L to R: Derek Vreugdenhill (?) from Canada, the little girl from next door, Barb Wiersma from Kalispell, Montana; & Steve Vanderwey from Jenison, MI

 I worked at Pine Rest Hospital for a year after college

a gal friend for a while, Cara Hoeksema, from Cerritos , California
 one of my housemates for a year, Doug White, on Lowell Street